Technical Safety Stuff

The one time we needed to be towed (List of suggestions sent in by members)

In the Blue Beret for November 2012 page 38 there is a very good section on “Taking Care of you Holding Tanks.

In  the Blue Beret for February 2013 page 21-22 Safety Detectors are covered concerning when to replace them.

Safety Chains: Don’t unhook your safety chains until the trailer hitch is raised and separated from the truck. If you do, your RV may take off even if the wheels are blocked. Don’t ask me how I know. Yes you can ask me.

Parked on a slope: I have found out that after you place your wheel chocks in between your wheels that in the process of raising either the front or lowering the front quite a lot that the axles will change position and loosen the wheel chocks allowing the trailer to roll away.

Tow Vehicle hitch: Several years ago we had two members whose hitch failed on their tow vehicle. The hitch laterally fell off. The reason was that the factory welds had failed.