Missouri-Kansas Airstream Club Rally Guidelines

Rallies are the heart and soul of our Missouri-Kansas Airstream Club. Rallies are where we meet to discover new friends and renew old friendships. These suggested guidelines are offered to aid members in hosting a rally, but are not meant to limit flexibility.

General Guidelines

  1. Rally Hosting is how we share the work of keeping our Club alive. It is preferred that each rally be hosted by 2 member families to avoid overburdening one family. (Also, members get to know each other better when co-hosting rallies.) New members should host with members who have hosted previously. All members are expected to host or co-host a rally periodically. It is helpful for the hosts to visit the campground, well in advance, of the rally for preliminary planning of places to eat, activities in area, etc. Hosts can benefit by arriving at the campground a day or two before the rally starts. Hosts should be available to greet attendees upon their arrival, likewise, hosts should ensure all attendees have a smooth departure from the rally.
  2. Rallies are held at commercial campgrounds, federal parks, and state parks, with participants paying their own fees. Rally locations are usually within a 150-mile radius of metro Kansas City. Locations should be chosen where most can attend, which will build cohesiveness. Try to reserve these campgrounds at least one year in advance. Selecting new and different locations is encouraged to increase the excitement of rallies. It is important to communicate dates, location, and contact information with member(s) who is responsible for the KCMO Annual Activity Schedule, publication in the Blue Beret, and our Newsletter Editor. In selecting a campground, adequate accommodations should include number of sites needed, handicap sites, and services (water, electric, and sewer). An enclosed clubhouse or near-by facility is preferredfor our two required Annual Business rallies (Spring rally and then a Fall rally for Officer Installation) to enable business meetings and social activities. Weather conditions are another important reason to select a rally location with an enclosed facility. Helpful amenities for club house/facility are tables/chairs for seating, oven, refrigerator, microwave, restrooms, and heat/ac. Storm shelters are a valuable amenity.
  3. Rallies, typically, begin on Thursday and end on Sunday to accommodate those that still may be working. There is no set number of days required to be a WBCCI sanctioned rally. It’s not unusual for rally attendees to arrive a day or so early, or stay a day or so later. The rally should be self-supporting and covered by the rally fees. Rally fees should be sent to the Missouri-Kansas Airstream Club Treasurer. The Club’s Treasury should not be used to fund rallies. Keeping rally fees at a minimum encourages participation. A Rally Fee is assessed equally among the attending members and includes such expenses as: catered meals, meat for potluck, entertainment, etc. Depending on the Campground’s requirements, camping site fees may or may not be included in rally fees. To determine the rally fee, hosts will need to estimate costs based upon average number of past rally attendees and rally expenses. Hosts need to consider that some attendees may not be able to attend the entire rally or certain activities requiring prorated expenses. It is the discretion of the rally host(s) as to the planned activities for any scheduled day of the rally. Suggested planned activities might include potluck dinner, catered meals, cook outs, camp fires, social hour, games, museums, historical sites, tours, guest speakers, entertainment, worship service, etc. Potluck dinners are popular, where the members provided everything or the members bring a dish or two to share and meat is provided in the Rally Fee. This is the discretion of the hosts. New ideas are encouraged.
  4. Hosts should have their rally coupon and schedule/agenda prepared and given to our Newsletter Editor for publication, at least, 1 month in advance of the rally, or, preferable, 2 consecutive months in advance.

Rally Coupon is optional. Although, it can be helpful in the planning process for the rally. Coupon can include the following:

  • Name or Theme of rally (A Theme tends to add interest.)
  • Deadline Date to notify Hosts of attendance of Rally
  • Name(s) and number of attendees
  • Attendee(s) contact information
  • Handicap needs
  • Interest in planned activities, if needed
  • Preferred hookups i.e. 30 amp vs. 50 amp
  • Fees and what they include
  • Where to send coupon and fees (Treasurer)

Rally Schedule or Agenda – a copy can, also, be handed to attendee(s) when they arrive at the rally. Another helpful idea is to include information pertaining to the campground and local interests. Rally Schedule or Agenda should include:

  • Name/Theme and Date of Rally
  • Hosts names, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Campground name, address, GPS address, phone number
  • Date and time of any planned meals, activity, entertainment, etc.
  • If table service is required
  • Local points of interest, if desired.
  1. Each member and guest should have a name tag and these tags should be worn during the rally to help new members and guests get acquainted and aid old members. Guests should be given a temporary tag.

Club Equipment and Supplies

  1. The club usually has leftover supplies from a previous rally, such as paper plates, napkins, plastic tablecloths, utensils, coffee, etc. Check with previous Rally Host or President for these items.
  2. Be wise and try not to over stock, since rally supplies may not be used soon enough to keep things fresh. Perishable items should not be considered as part of supplies. Members are to bring their own table service to the meals, which includes plates, silverware, napkins, and cups. Decorations should not be an expense of the rally. If hosts wish to decorate, it is at their own expense.
  3. The Unit has 2 electric coffee makers, 2 electric roaster ovens, a Bingo game, Bean Bag game, Horse Shoes, Speaker, etc. The President can usually help you find these items.
  4. The club has signs that can be placed at the entrance of the Rally campground and any preceding intersections. These signs provide advertisement for our club and interest of potential new members.

Pre-Rally Considerations or Questions

  1. Sites:

  • Do you have X many sites available on this date?
  • Will our Club be parked together?
  • What type of hookups are available?
  • Handicap available?
  • Can campground accommodate large rigs?
  1. Facilities:

  • Do you have an enclosed clubhouse? Is there a charge?
  • Do you have a kitchen and what appliances?
  • Are showers and bathrooms available?
  • Pet friendly?
  • Are there any good catering services nearby?
  • Any good restaurants nearby?
  • Any interesting activities, museums, etc. to see nearby?
  • Do you have a storm shelter?
  • List of emergency locations and numbers.
  1. Rates:

  • What is your group rate per night including tax?
  • Can we get this group rate for early arrivals or stay overs?
  • Are there rental units available for members or guests?
If warranted, a Thank You Card or Certificate of Appreciation to the campground is an expression of the club’s gratitude for their friendliness and accommodations


May 17, 2017